Bank of :canada: cash rate March 21
example of my C7:
$53995msrp US freight in
$49225dealer invoice
$47446employee price
my cost:
$53000 CND=$45223 US
$4002 under US dealer invoice
$2223 under US employee price
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True... except that to benefit from the spread you have to actually sell the C7 into the US market to monetize the currency benefit. Otherwise, it is a feel good exercise... which is still important :D. If you only transact in Canada, the exchange rate doesn't really matter.

Having said that, it is, as you say, an amazing bargain today. GM lowered the price to essentially match US pricing when the dollar was better and now the reduction they instituted is too high given the current dollar :D
What really sucks is the restricted Canadian allocations, along with GM's import & warranty policy.
I agree it's a great time to get a C7!....taxes suck but what can you do?

Thanks for making me feel better about Saskatchewan gthal! We aren't far off on the personal income tax rate but I see it could be worse! :D
Try living in Quebec, where you pay the most taxes in North America (sales and income). Thank you Canada for all the extra cash to help us stay afloat. It didn't buy my C7 though ;)
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