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Jan 11, 2009
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So far it looks as though the weather may cooperate. IF the weather holds up, who is planning on coming out?

I should be there with my newly adjusted lights! Weeeeee.

Does anyone want to do something differently, like a cruise at 8, then back to Golder or is everyone fine with sitting there all night? If we go for a cruise, any ideas where a good local route or destination would be?
Any ideas on a route or destination to cruise to/through?

I always liked the 8th to Broadway, up Broadway across the bridge to Spadina, past the Bez onto University Bridge if going back to 8th or further down Spadina for a longer drive and turning around where ever to go back to 8th.

As for a destination? I'm not sure where there is an interesting enough place to go in town to sit with the cars. I think the destination drive would be better for somewhere outside of the city.
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