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Oct 10, 2016
Travelled across the Country and found this Event. Entered among about 1800 cars sprawled out within a Park setting. Was on display with about 50-70 Corvettes … I stopped counting. Definitely a place to be when near here in the Summer. 😃👍🏻

Met a young man taking photos of all the Corvettes at this Event. He just sourced a C4 (project) and I mentioned that posting a thread in the C4 section might be a great place/start for finding other C4 enthusiasts (as I know of one here) for advice/information along the way. Will see if this happens … a nice fella who I wish well on his C4 endeavour 😃👍🏻

Also noticed this young fella who was apparently raising money to do a go-cart project of his own. Pretty sure he had no trouble as this day was HOT 😅
👆🏻the little things that I find
add value to events like this one.

There was one Corvette Owner
handing out Corvette Hot Wheels
to the young ones too.
I did not complete with his generosity
as I brought a box of them with me to
Hand out during my Summer in the Maritimes.
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