Tires what tires, oh you mean the blue smoke trail that is to follow :rofl:
very cool car with a great driver it takes a skill to handle a rocket ship.

Did you launch it in second? With that much tire spin, acceleration a s distance covered, 1st seems inadequate lol.
Mid 9's?! Yeah, that's so slow. Your car is a beast. What set up are you using? Forced induction? N/A?

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I wish lol
I only have a mid 9sec car at this time
I'm no competition for you :canada:
But will be there with the car to watch :seeya:

"ONLY" you say.......:D LOL that's a honker in its own right .

What on earth would Arun's turn then? Are we talkin' 7's or 8's!!!!!?


I'll be in BC at that time otherwise I'd seriously like to see that. Someone please take some vids.

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