Feb 2, 2009
Saskatoon , Sask.
1998 coupe
I picked up the latest edition of the Old Car trader and in the back is a place for car clubs to put there addy and all . I was wondering as to why we havent been added in there as I see Regina Corvette club is in there ?
So what do you all think ?
In my opinion clubs mean work, and almost always someone steps up to suck the fun out of any club through adding rules,and wanting to be in charge.

I like just hanging out with like minded people.

I like the set up right now where people who like Corvettes meet every Thursday. If you want to come, great! If you don't want to, fine. The fact that people can do what they want, no one is officially in charge, there are no fees, and nothing is mandatory is what keeps me from wanting to form this into a club.

In a nutshell, I meet every Thursday because I want to. If I had to meet every Thursday, then I wouldn't want to.

I have absolutely nothing against a club being formed in Saskatoon. I just don't want to be involved with one at this time.
We are a UNCLUB.......much better. besides, with people like riley and brent to boss us around ...who needs a an official club!!!
not that i'm a voting member when it comes to what the 'stoon boys do but i think you're taking the right "unclub" approach!!!
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