Jan 25, 2009
Hi guys,

Would any of you know if plating a Vette as an antique is worth while when talking about pennies and cents? I know I would need a valuation on the car that it is around $120 and I currently pay $44 per month for regular plates...are antique plates that much cheaper to make it worth it?
Antique plates are MOSTLY liability. They have the same $200,000 basic liability coverage as normal plates. The deductible is $500, and it will cover $800 of damage to your vehicle unless you have a stated value policy. Then it will cover the appraised value. To get antique plates, you must have a primary vehicled registered with SGI.

The annual cost to plate antique is $134.
Out here in B.C. "Collectors Plates" truly are the way to go. I'll try and pursue a set once my '80 is road-ready again. But the requirements are fairly strict. The car has to be as close to "as built" configuration as possible - that is any alterations or add-ons to the car have to be what was available at the time the car was built. I might be in tough with that one because I'm converting the rear to a monospring suspension, the engine will have fuel engine and the transmission will go from a 4 to a 5 speed manual. My only hope is I get some guy at the registry office who doesn't know '80 Vettes all that well.
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