Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
There are programmes such as "Parallels" that you can use to run Windows on a Mac. Is there any particular one that works better than the others. We bought an all in one Sony VAIO last February. From the start it did weird little things and eventually in early July, the hard drive died. We figured that perhaps the problem had been solved as Sony installed a new drive. The machine has continued to do weird stuff and Dale's Family Tree Maker programme just disappeared and the programme won't reload fresh from the disc. There are probably parts of the programme still on the computer. This is what led us to buy the Apple. I can usually fumble my way along and get things going again but this thing has become a total pain. HELP!!!!
Keith wish you were closer as I am a computer guy (own a few Tech/PC sites) and could prob figure that out for ya. In fact, if you want to PM me more details and piks I would still give you any advise that comes to mind.

Parallels vs all the others (BootCamp)...

I tried and used Parallels for some time then dropped it for the basic Bootcamp dual OS. Bootcamp comes with your system and should be in Applications. I started out as a Mac hater and, in fact, posted for years on my disdain for Apples business practices, many of which still exist today. Presently, I dont even use PC on my MBA anymore as I have it tuned so well. Wasn't a Parallels fan though.

As well, you can try Parallels for free but it is next to impossible to get rid of if you decide not to stay with it. I have do completely reformat and reinstall.
One of the guys at a local Staples store mentioned BootCamp as well. I'm not familiar at all with this Windows/Apple combining so it is an education. My wife has a genealogy programme that doesn't come in an Apple version while Family Tree Maker does. Her genealogy friends are raving about Legacy as being better. Thanks for any help you can send our way. I generally fumble my way along and eventually figure things out but asking can be a lot quicker and save falling into a lot of pit falls along the way.
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