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Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Weather permitting, meaning no rain. Start time is 12 noon at the Tim Hortons at Mississauga and Derry Rd so be there before noon.

Run up thru the Forks to Orangeville and then on to Hockley Valley. Stop at the Inn for a break and some food. Then cruise to Major Mack and the 400.

Post up if interested. I am inviting the Camaro group as well. Pack water and refreshements. Gonna be a warm day and always good to have something in the car with you. Radios on Channel 5.0 if you have them.

Zeeman28a (Stan)
Islandman (Dane from CorvetteForum) 50/50
thejer (From CorvetteForum) 50/50
Redline (Eric from CCFBG)
RCLapcar (Jan from Camaro5)
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The weather network is calling for about 28 degrees and a 40% chance of less than 1mm of rain this afternoon.

I will be at the start point till noon if anyone wants to cruise in the rain.

Cell: 416-450-7214

PS. Look for my Durango in the Royal LePage parking lot next to the Tim Hortons.
Small group today. Only 5 five cars. I'm a little disappointed at the small turnout but it made for a great cruise. No one got lost/left behind. We were all able to keep up with each other.

Thanks to Randy, Mike, Bill, Eric and Jan for making it out for the cruise. I hope you all enjoyed the cruise route, and the Hockley Burger.

Took only a couple of pics. Just going to post one. Us at the Tim Hortons at Mississauga and Derry Roads. We stuck around till about 12:30pm and then took off.


Until next time guys.

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