sorry i never made it out.... didn't get back from the dump until 7:30... YUCK and was dead beat after that... went for a short drive but I had visions of SLEEP in my head LOL

Nice time!!! What exactly are the mods to your ride?
I was running late, didn't get there until just after 8:00PM. Got hung up in that accident out front, while I was crawling up the line on the highway & buddy of mine called to see where I was, when I told him, he was like, You're gonna be an hour getting in here ! :eek:, I was like no I'm not...& kept going straight down the road. Track had street legal's + bike drag guys for the next day + spectators all parking in the pits together! :swear:, real smart :mad:., If that is going to be the case the track should at the very least have some staff out by the highway directing secret that's why that accident happened...people trying to get in, lined up down the highway.

Nonetheless I do plan on being out for sure this Friday, have my act together a little more this time around.
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