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Jan 14, 2022
Corvette 2019 GS
I'm talking about the Grand Sport in this scenario not the Stingray.

I see that the only option for the 2 piece rotors on a GS/Z06 is the OEM rotors or Girodisc. Literally nothing else. But I see a ton of "compatible" 1 piece rotor alternatives that are much much cheaper? Anyone ever attempt this?

And before anyone says anything yes I know the dynamics behind 2 piece rotors and why it's needed, but I don't track my car nor do I ever put my brakes under such immense abuse so I'm considering taking the easy way out since this car loves eating brakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Nothing wrong if you want to save a few bucks and go 1 piece rotors. Powerstop makes a several versions depending on what exact parts you want to replace. Centric also has 1 piece rotors available.

Powerstop is either complete set F&R with pads, just front set or rear with pads or just rotors F&R. Check their site.
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