Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
I do.

It seems to be another one of my passions. Sadly they are a lot like peanuts, once you've had one you can't seem to stop.I took these photos yesterday and thought I would share.

There was a time when I thought I would get one of each generation, but I think that idea has gone out the window due to the number of cars I would end up having. I want to be able to show the bulk of my collection, not keep them in boxes, yet at the same time keep my dearest wife happy. We'll explore just how well that is working in a later post...first the cars.

1954 1/18 scale

1967 1/18 scale

The above cars are fine, not overly detailed, the next one, on the other hand is as realistic as it gets........

First off it's not 1/18th, it's 1/12, this shot shows the difference


Simply an amazing diecast with a Canadian connection, Ron Fellows. It's big and heavy weights 8 pounds. I have long been aware of this model but refused to pay the $600+ $US for one of them, got very lucky last week and made the purchase, it's the jewel of my collection now.






as you can see in my excitement to take the photos I forgot to finish the dusting.


Pretty small collection but I am always looking to expand it.

My first car, my smallest model, yet strangely until the C5-R Corvette came along, my most expensive.

1950 Ford Prefect

Scale 1/43, compared to a 1/18



This is a model of my first real car, and although small, with no opening doors, hood (bonnet) etc. is still is well detailed with little metal windscreen wipers and hood ornament. Somerville, the British manufacturer, went out of businees in the 70s or 80s and these cars are rare, I just checked eBay UK and this model going for over 220 British pounds. When I bought it I was in a bidding war and ended up paying more for the model than I did for the real car. Since then the value seems to have more than doubled.

1969 Z28 Camaro

Bought brand new on the day I quit my job, what a great feeling, didn't go back to work for another 5 months. Only car I've had that ever ate a tank of gas in one afternoon, I'm sure the 4:11s had something to do with that. my driving.

2004 Corvette


Very happy to find a model of my current car, had visions of finding anything and then having to take it apart and paint it, luckily that never happened.

stay tuned for more.......

PS, tried to post was told i am limited to "12 images, including smiles...."
just did a quick edit to keep Riley happy.
That's a great collection Wayne. Thanks for sharing. As a child/teenager I used to build 1/25th scale plastic models kits. Mostly automotive and those were mostly the current new cars of the day. I was lucky enough to find an AMT model of a 1975 Corvette Coupe recently on Ebay from a guy in London, ON. Brand new still in the wrapper. I'll get around to putting it together one of these days. When I went away to college my mother boxed up my old models and over time they disappeared. :(
Thanks.. I spent my childhood building 1/25 models, it was either the creativity or the glue that attracted me.'s a few more....


There was a time when I thought I'd be buying a 370Z so I tried to get versions of all of them, only got 2 before my 'vette "found me" and my plans went in another direction

350Z Coupe


350z Convertible, rare right hand drive version



Reg Parnell's 1954 Ferrari, it's 1/18, by Exoto and the detail is stunning.




Also by Exoto is Ken Tyrell's incredible 6 wheel P34




finally 7 time World Champion Michael Schumacher's Ferrari in "race finish trim" by Mattel (not the best of detail, then again not the same price either)


Next, drag racing.....

Ramnchargers car has great detail, there are even small clips that fit into the hood pins.




1/16 Top Fuel Dragster of Clay Millican, by Milestone, stunning detail


Famed Greer, Black Prudhomme car before it was changed to it's familiar yellow paint job.

Tommy Ivo's twin Buick

...and if 2 is good then.......


Finally.. Don Garlits Swamp Rat VII
Not the absolute best model but I actually found it really difficult to find a C5 coupe in 1:18 scale. I painted the interior to match my car and did something else but can't remember. :D

I do think that someone was playing with the stripes though as the gap was correct before.....and it appears I left the door ajar in the pic which is good that I caught otherwise the 1:18 interior light may kill the 1:18 battery in 1:18 the time it takes to kill a real one.

I too have a few cars...I limited it to actual NASCAR replicas, which I buy from the haulers at the actual race.....keeps the amount I have down. I have a few #14's (and old #20's), as well as an old #43! However, my diecast motorcycle collection is rather extensive, but the majority are those cheap $10 ones from box stores.
The 6 wheel Tyrell is gorgeous, but Racing Vette takes the cake. I remember watching Ron win the 24 Hours of Daytona and Corvette finish 1-2-3. Tbink I watched about 16 hiurs of it.
These are of the original build. The model has changed for display purposes. Originally was fully functional with 4 speed manual trans. Working doors, hood and t tops. Lego 9v Motor powered built into a 350 looking housing. The model has been stripped of motors and light to be a display only. I am really proud of this model. Took a lot of hours and thought. The only non-Lego components are the wheels. At the time Lego never made anything big enough.

You can see the entire original album here:

Brickshelf Gallery - Large scale 73 vette in progress

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