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Feb 13, 2016
LaSalle, ON
2006 Z06
Hello all!
I'm a new member and I just found your Forum this morning. This is great! A forum for Canadians who love Corvettes! Thanks for having me here.
I own a 2006 Z06 in Lemans Blue. With not quite 12,000 Kms. Bone stock. I've owned it for about 5 years now. Sorry to say that I am currently in the process of selling it to an American buyer. I absolutely love the car but because of a growing family, I have no time to drive it. The US dollar made this very enticing.
I was wondering if any of you know anything about getting it across the border? It is the buyers responsibility to come get the car whether he has it shipped or picks it up himself. The car was originally an American car so he can take the car back duty free I believe. Does anyone know the exact steps so I can maybe help him with some guidance? He has some shipping quotes that he claims are from $2000 to $3000 USD to take the car from my door to his. I'd like to more so get info on the paperwork required to cross it into the USA. I've been told a bill of sale, and proof that the car was purchased new in the USA to avoid duty charges??? Is this true? Any help would be appreciated!!!

The long term goal is to acquire my Dad's 2015 Z06/Z07 Convertible when he decides to part with it! It's triple black with a manual 7-speed. Visible carbon fibre ground effects and 3LZ. I've been reading a lot of your threads about getting your hands on these cars. It seems as if AllFlash was right. Gotta have luck, be lucky, and luckier. My dad said it was a 4 month project to get his car the way he wanted it to his hands. And many times the dealer told him it wasn't going to happen.
Does anybody know the breakdown of Canadian Z06/Z07 Convertibles? Just curious. Thanks in advance for any help.
Here's a pic of my Dads car he picked up on May 1, 2015. Beauty!
Welcome to the forum BlueDevil. Love the triple black... Sorry. Can't help you with the export question. Might suggest re-posting this in the "new user" forum section. You might get more members noticing and responding to this there I think. Shame you are selling your C6 but you are right. The US dollar is pretty attractive right now and if you don't have time to drive.... Good Luck on the sale and export...

Oh! And I don't know much about exporting to the US but know a lot about importing as I pulled my car from Vegas and researched it to death. However, I have a feeling that you also know about importing as your car is from the States. Anyway, from my knowledge, if someone is coming up to look at, and purchase your car, it's up to them to ensure they have all the paperwork to cross the boarder. All you need to be worried about is if their cheque clears.

Also, there shouldn't be any duty on the car as it was made in North America.
I found a quick checklist that should help.

- Car fax showing the car had registration history in the USA.
- Bill of sale. (purchase price, vin, owners signature.)
- For sale ad (they did want to see it.)
- Current Canadian registration / title. (owners signature.)
- epa form 3520
- dot form hs-7
- Canadian import documents from past owner showing the car was exported from the US.
I have never sold a car back into the USA but don't worry about duty, good the car is a USA car cause it has the right speedo, I am told a broker is needed to use to go that way, need to get the title re-issued, no inspections needed for the buyer.

If you use a shipping company they will do the paper work. Try Mackie transport in ontario, I had them ship me a 2002 Saleen from Texas. Enclosed shipping, takes care of cars they ship. Services | Mackie Group

I should know more but I don't --- as I might try sell back into the USA this spring.

great car, I owned a LMB 2006 Z06 before my ZR1 that I got in Los Angeles.

welcome to the forum Blue Devil, sorry it's going back to the states but you're right about the exchange being hard to resist. I agree with the above poster that the shipping company should be able to give you all the info necessary to get it across the border. Let us know how it went
Thanks for all of the input everyone! I called some shippers and the buyer is happy to go with the one I found operating out of Etobicoke, ON. TFX International is the shipper. They have all of the info to do the job and we are working on getting all of the requirements together to ship it. It'll be a sad day when she leaves I tell ya.
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