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Hold tight, it's not live YET, but coming very soon. This post is a work in progress and will change so check back often.

As alluded to earlier, we're in the prep stage of launching our very fist CCF Virtual Currency and Credits System.

Initial announcement found here: CCF V2 - CCF Coins & Credits

Below are some of the fundamentals around our credits system, as this is a big topic this will be refined and this thread will become a more definitive guide on how VetteCoin can be earned and redeemed at CCF and with participating vendors in future.

The Obvious Rules:
VetteCoins do NOT have any monetary value so don't go round spending like the LottoMax corner store guy told you those numbers looked good.
VetteCoins = VCs
We are launching with a single currency at this stage. We reserve the right to launch other currencies in future.
CCF reserves the right to disband, modify, alter, cancel or irreversibly change the manner in which VetteCoins are dispensed, earned, taxed, exchanged or used on our site and at participating vendors.
Abuse of VCs including but not exclusive to selling and reselling, ransoming, extorting or earning and using VetteCoins in a manner that is deemed disrespectful or outright abusive to the CCF community at large may result in warnings, penalties, the removal of VC privileges or account bans and suspensions.
Moderators and Admins at CCF reserve the right to ban, suspend, limit or entirely cancel the VC privileges of any member deemed to be abusing the CCF VC System.

Qualification and Eligibility:
1. You must be a CCF regular member (not currently Banned or In Moderation - Penalty Box)
2. Your post count must be greater than 25

VC Earning Events:

Regular Income Credits:
Daily Activity (Login Daily) - 10 VCs
Interest - 5%

One time events:
Report a post - 50 VCs

Dynamic Frequency:
Post a Poll - 20 VCs
Vote in a Poll - 5 VCs
Follow (Follow a Member)
Followed By (Get Followed by a Member)
Like a Post - 1 VC
Liked Post (someone Likes your post) - 1 VC
Sticky (your post becomes a sticky) - 100 VCs

VC Negating Events:
Receive an official CCF Warning - 50 VCs
Receive an official CCF Ban - 200 VCs

VC Spending & Redemption:
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:chiching: Almost like winning the lottery, I can already see a C8 in my garage... in my dreams

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