Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Only one more cruise night to go until it's all a wrap.

Saw some of my friends there last night and met a new Canadian Corvette Forum member as well, ....wearing one of Manny's t-shirts does have it's benefits.

Missing in action was Brian, I suspect he was home cleaning, polishing and waxing his C4 in an effort to outdo Colin this Friday :) To bad as there was a professional photographer and model on the grounds, seemed to attract a crowd where ever they went... now on to the cars.



Ranman's beautiful '85 C4




My friends 454




Hope you can make it out next week Brian
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OOOLALA -- nice 'everything' there Wayne --

Brian better be a-polishin'......My shine will be hard to beat......:D

Great pics of both 4-wheeled and 2-legged attendants.:D

Hope to see you at Manny's later (4pm). and then on Friday.

Love the last picture which accentuates headlights. Quite appropriate.

This summer disappeared in a flash. I thought things were supposed to slow down as you get older. Not so. A couple more weeks and we are done around here too. About the first week in October, the maple trees are in full colour up north and some of us get together for a run up Haliburton-Minden-Dorset way for a run. After the first week, a couple of rains, and the leaves are pretty well gone.
Man..the first time I miss the Ancaster cruise night and my wife shows up with-out me; I wonder who her photographer friend is?

In fact Wayne. I had to go to a council meeting Tuesday Night. WORK WORK WORK ...you remember? I see my friend Mario (red 66) and fellow C4 guy Bill were there. Sorry I missed Rainman. Would like to meet up with him. I see he even took my spot beside Shawn's 74. LOL

Maybe next week.
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