My vote goes to the Hemicuda in Phantasm II, or the Challenger in Vanishing Point. I love old Mopars......
Where were you in 62.......
American Graffiti was a great picture. Good sound track , lots of nice road machines, what more could anyone ask for. I think this movie introduced more stars than any film I can think of. One of my all time Favorites for sure.

Does any one remember a film called "Hotrods to Hell" ... It is an old one for sure, and probably not a very good film, but I do remember a 58 Corvette in this movie, and at the time I swore I would have one of them some day....Still waiting. LOL .
I've always felt that other car movies mostly fit better in to the action movie category and nothing like the real world. Grafitti is/was pretty close to what we experienced in the sixties. The late sixties weren't much different, just faster/quicker cars with the advent of the musclecar era. In the last half of the sixties I had a '66 L34 396 Beaumont, '68 Ram Air 400 Firebird done up, and a '69 COPO Chevelle. I pretty much lived American Grafitti except for the fights and burned cars, and it was great.
CHRISTINE--another old Mopar......

Sadly, I don't recall too many movies with 'Vettes that are near and dear to my heart. Now that I think about it, that's kind of interesting.
[mob][/mob] one has suggested the General? General Lee?:D

I think there aren't any Corvettes featured in those movies because Corvettes were too expensive and not really part of that scene then. It's like seeing a Skyline/R8/NSX out cruising the main street with the Civics and other stuff most kids drive now. (I'm not saying kids don't drive/prefer Corvettes or domestics, but in general, at least around here, imports are the cool thing because they're cheap and it's what kids know).
In one of the Youtube videos Candy Clark says about getting $3600 for her part in the movie. It doesn't sound like much but it was originally slated for TV. No one at the time had any idea of how popular the movie would turn out to be. I still remember seeing the movie. After coming out of the show, I couldn't get over all the goof balls squealing their tires all over the place. The show really had an impact, good or bad was debatable at the time. ;)
OK you guys. Are you kidding me? Nothing with Corvettes in it? Might I remind you of Route 66, that fantastic look at the American lifestyle in 1961 to 1963 maybe. Two friends travelling around in a 1961, 1962 C1 and now part way through the 3rd of 4 seasons a beautiful 1963 C2 as they experience life working at odd jobs for a week here and a week there?? One of the main characters even races in the US Grand Prix after showing one of the teams a hot lap in the C1!!!! It is with Martin Milner which if you are my age (47) will remember from the series in the 1970's Adam-12 and also appeared a few times in his police officer role in Emergency.

Am absolute who's who of actors, some with just bit parts that went on to be famous, IMDB the series and I highly recommend checking it out. I've just seen the 1st two episodes with the C2 but I sure like it more than the C1.

Other great car movies, well of course Le Mans with Steve McQueen. No plot at all but OMG, OMG, OMG the sounds of those Ferrari and Porsche are better than sex! And if you look in the background as they are racing you can see a yellow Corvette - they used some race footage as the movie was actually filmed during the race - the movie car if I recall did well enough to finish 5th. But beautiful cars in those days.

I finally got a copy of Grand Prix with James Garner and again a worth while evening. Some plot in this but fast forward to the I think 6 races they cover. The car sounds are authentic and it is interesting how they did it. Some of the Grand Prix greats of the time were in the movie if you can imagine they were paid $200 a day! A Grand Prix driver today wouldn't even look in your direction for less than $10,000 let alone be in a movie. A different era.

And sadly, for my son, with the Fast & The Furious franchise, a movie called "Inital D". Not the anime series but the motion picture. If you're into imports at all and drifting, Corrolla GTS (AE86 over there), Evo 4's, RX 7 (FD's there) and it is an OK movie, my 7 almost 8 year old son's favorite at the moment.

God I can wait to tell him that Dada's Z06 post Manny can now lay waste to 999 out of 1000 cars we'll meet on the road and not just its current 99 out of 100!

But check out these series and movies, I don't think you'd be disappointed.


no vette but BULLET has what is considered one of the best car chase scenes in all of moviedom. A mustang and a Charger. i'm also a mopar fan.
This may be the next movie nite..
I think I also have some of these on BETA!.. lol


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