Someone should post a photo thread with the complete process. I have a plan for doing several alloy wheels I have (for other vehicles), but I'd be interested in seeing how others do it.

I know badlyworn did this to his '89 rims. Turned out well but time consuming.
A timely thread. As Collins has said I am in the process of having my 88 wheels done. I planned on doing a complete write up for the forum and will once I get them back.
I am not doing them myself. I had thought about it, but decided not to. At this point in time. my wheels are at Wheel Wizards in Hamilton. I don't really know to much about this place, just what I have heard from others around here. Nice to see Manny recommending them :) I am told that the wheels are done but the BF Goodrich tires I ordered are not here yet... on their way.....
More to follow when I know more..........
REfurbished Wheels

Hi guys

I re did all of my Rims at Carcones, they are in North Toronto area.Just Google them. Mine were picked up at the house, straightened as needed, refinished and delivered back for $142.00 each. I am quite pleased with the results.
you can strip the clear coat yourself with paint stripper. There's quite a few places that do rims these days usually b/w $100-$150 each, more for a real good powder coated finish. If your handy and want to do them yourself you can also. Send them out for an acid bath to strip all the junk off. Paint what you need to then use a hand buffing tool and some polish to make the face polished finish. If you don't get them clear coated then expect to re-polish again later but no biggie. I did one set of 88's myself that way and often got asked if they were chrome. Besides the natural, and polished look, there's my favorite powder coated. After you're done with the stripping send them out to a good powder coat shop - pick you're own color and style :)
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