Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
Can you see the family resemblance?

Let's use navion's beautiful 1967 Corvette to demonstrate how Chevrolet engineers and designers were thinking back in the early to mid-60s.

Exhibit #1

Top: navion's beautiful 1967 Corvette with small block hood
Bottom: 1967 Chevrolet SS427 convertible with factory hood for this special model. The regular full-size Chevys didn't get the bulge, never mind the big ornament...just the 2,124 special SS427 cars.
Look at the shape of the hood bulges. Very similar, no?

Exhibit #2

Top: navion's beautiful 1967 Corvette dash
Bottom: 1967 Chevrolet SS427 dash
Look at the gauges. Very similar, no? Look at the steering wheels. They are the same colour, although different photos present them differently. They were the standard steering wheel in the Corvette; an optional wheel in the big Chevy. Look at the lights and wiper knobs. The same.

Exhibit #3

Top: 1967 Corvette without optional side exhaust
Bottom: 1967 Chevrolet SS427
Both have almost identical one-year-only black rocker panel mouldings and both were available with optional redline tires.

Exhibit #4

Top: 1967 Corvette big-block stinger hood with 427 emblem
Bottom: 1967 Chevrolet SS427 with front fender 427 emblem - other than colour, it's almost identical to Corvette.

See what I mean? It's all in the family.

There's another one coming. Can you tell it's snowing outside, and I don't care anymore? :rofl:
The factory could have used the '67 hood scoop on the Camaro but didn't.

I'm glad they didn't. It belongs on one car only. :D

Now for the other family resemblance. Many of you may remember that various GM products boasted 3 x 2bbl carbs over the years. That is, they did until the edict came down from the corporate bunker that multiple carbs were verboten - the only exception being Corvette. Can't be messing with Zora's baby. So, Corvette got the 3x2 L-68 (400 hp) and 3x2 L-71 (435 hp), beginning in 1967.

Here's where it gets tantalizing. Remember that special SS427 hood higher up in this thread? Let's have a closer look...

Hmmm. Three distinct sections. ???

Here's what was intended for the big Chevy, right from the 15-16000 Series Factory Assembly Manual. The 15-16000 series are full-size Chevys.



The top blue arrow indicates the car line series (full-size) and the bottom blue arrow indicates that the option applies to both the L-68 427 and the L-71 427. Three two-barrels underneath a hood ornament with three distinct sections. CANCELED by corporate edict. Would've been neat, huh?

As the 66 Chevelle SS had two separate inserts on the hood with 4 sections each! I wish that meant they were thinking dual 4-barrel carbs!!!:D

I can't believe all the awesome options back in the day! And the options that were cancelled!!! That would have been an awesome car!
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The factory could have used the '67 hood scoop on the Camaro but didn't. Others did. :) The blue with white accent is my favourite colour scheme. This is a Motion L88 Camaro.

Motion Performance continued to offer it as the years went by. Here's one of their '69s with the stinger hood from their catalogue. Looks, to me, like someone glued it on. It just doesn't work.

I'll have to start another thread some day showing the Motion catalogues from the late 60s. The prices will make you weep.
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