Oct 14, 2021
2019 ZR1
Has anyone had their C7 (more specifically wide body cars) aligned at Altech Automotive in Etobicoke? What was your experience? What about their ability to align these cars properly (with particular mention of rear caster checking and proper setup of this setting)?

This probably won't be of help but I had my other Summer Car ( modified 4G Acura TL ) aligned there with outstanding results. The rear suspension on the Sh Awd is fairly complex and I am lowered on Coilovers, they were also willing to tailor it how I wanted . While there they had several exotics waiting for alignment, it's best to book an appointment.
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Thanks, I have used them twice to align the DD cars (my Suzuki SX4 and GF's Mazda CX-3). The Suzuki is lowered and I use camber bolts to get some camber adjustment on the front. I also run a wider wheel and tire setup in the summer. They aligned that car to what I wanted AFA settings and I am happy with the job (been over 2 years now). The GF's Mazda was just there around the time I started this thread, totally stock suspension and really no adjustments other than front toe. Everything checked out except needed a small toe adjustment so that was done.

I talked to Pat about my ZR1 and I asked about rear caster. They don't have the proper GM tool or whatever the manual calls for to set rear caster but Pat told me they have other ways to check and adjust that like checking gaps between the rear tire and 1/4 panel and rear bumper gaps. He had a ton of pics on his phone with other people's expensive rides (like Ferraris, BMW, Corvettes also you get the idea) so I think they know what they're doing and I have heard a lot of good things about them re: alignments from other forums I visited for other makes. I'll most likely give them a shot with my car in the spring. I have had an alignment done 2.5 years ago at Can-Alignment but not looking to go out that far to have this done.
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