Hey Guys, I am trying to rearrange my schedule to actually meet up with you guys. With a bit of luck I can. May have to call in sick if all else fails !
We would have been crazy to venture out in this storm just for a lunch. :rofl:Thank goodness we didn't go. Probably would have taken three or four hours to get home. Maybe next month.
Doug, it was nasty all the way to Highway 35 just south of Minden. Weird that it did not snow at our house at all today. Blowing snow and very cold but no additional snow.

Good to see you guys, I hope Del and Keith made it home without issue as well.

Thibs, hopefully April will work to meet up.
I made it home OK only to find a three foot high drift across right in front of the garage doors. Ten feet out and the turn around area was bare. I had to blow the drift away before putting the Jimmy in. When it warms up a little later this morning, I'll go out and blow the other drifts away. It would be awfully nice if the snow was all gone for the next lunch and we could get the cars out. Fat chance. The lunches are always a good time and sure help to shorten the winter up.
You sure are a hardy (or crazy) bunch , for going out in that stuff.
Glad everyone got home ok.
I tried sending warm weather up to you but it did not get by the custom agents because it was not in french and english
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