High RPM Poster
Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well since it was nice and warm out decided to put on the airbag and door sill
decals that I purchased some time ago in the winter.
Just gave all areas a very good cleaning with soap/water and a old toothbrush
to get all that old cleaner off the mounting areas and help it stick a bit better.
I hope they do not peel off after a while I actually cleaned the areas three times
just to make sure.
Not a big cosmetic mod and only took 30 min of my time, out to cruise again we go.



Waiting for the Hotchkiss swaybars to come in next have the endlinks already.
Braided brake lines, maybe Euro tail lights (white inserts), Fast 102 & LS3 tb
and Baer big brake upgrade, engine bling (still thinking) but in no specific order.
Looks fantastic. Where did you get those gorgeous two-tone seats? Mine are the originals and I plan to upgrade either by recovering or replacing the seats entirely. Really sweet looking interior.
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