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Oct 24, 2014
.....need some suggestions here. I'm working on my 82 right now and it is going to need a new battery soon as the one in it is 8 years old and doesn't hold charge after awhile. I'm thinking of going with a AGM battery mainly cause of the no leak characteristic feature. A stupid place to put the ECM right next to the battery , so a no leak battery would be a major plus here . I asked in C-Tire 2day and they have no AGM listing for the 82 Vette . I wanted a dual post preferably . Their Ultra has a 5 year warranty which is good. But I also wanted to install a battery disconnect on the neg side post and there is virtually no room and the cable looks to be abit short to do that anyway. Another guy told me that Optima has a listing with the dual post for the 82. But Optima is only a 3 year warranty and I've read more bad than good about them being a good battery.
So my question is do any of you guys have any experience / suggestion for a AGM battery that fits and is a long lasting for the price ?
I think they're a little wrong about the Optima batteries! Mines been in the car for six years and I've drained that sucker to zero voltage twice (don't ask) and all I've done is put the charger on it and it was back to full voltage in a day. I don't think I would buy anything other than an optima for me.
I usually run Energizer batteries for the sole reason that Walmart will give free replacement for 3 years and prorated for 9 years. When it starts to get weak Ijust take it in and they will replace it. And because it is walmart they don't even really ask any questions.

Havent fully decided if that is what I'll do in my project but many other vehicles and boats I own have them.

I just put in a Braille 3121, only 21 lbs. Yes, a little pricey but a lot smaller then stock. I haven't driven the car since it's in storage so I don't know how the battery will perform. From what I've read, it should do well provided it has a full charge (tender when car is not being used so it doesn't drain).
I dont know if you have a Interstate battery dealer close to you, but they have a listing for your car dual post and agm. Check on there website and you can select your car. About your battery disconnect , you can use a breaker like the one on that link, simply push the red test button and it pop off, they are available in many different amperage range, this is what I use in police cars for the electric/electronic stuff they install.
Thanks 4 all the replies. After doing more research I think my best bang for the buck is the redtop optima, I'm getting a good deal @ 149.00 . The Interstate I just never had any luck with them, if you know what a big 8D tractor battery is then it only lasted a little over 2 years which is sick for 2 of them to die. Auto ones same thing, they leak around the posts and don't last long. I don't need that grief. C-Tire agm ultra doesn't have dual posts which I want. Walmart Optima is a 100 bucks more than I can get it elsewhere. So will try one and see how it lasts. Thanks theboss for the switch info, will look into that style if I can make it fit easy.
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