Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
Just to recap, I bought a Black on Black, Automatic 2005 C6 at the end of Nov 2012. Brought it home first week of Dec and drove it a whole 10 days-ish before having to put it into winter storage.
....longest winter ever. :swear:

On March 26 I activated the insurance...reconnected the battery...and started the engine. :D
3 months later it's been nothing but an awesome experience.
Love the sound of the engine, love the acceleration...and find the seats to be really comfy too. Getting the seats adjusted to what works for me took time...almost embarrassed to say about 2 weeks of driving to find the right settings. Prior to that it was an awkward drive at best, so the seat settings really are key with this car.

Love the body, love washing it...hate that it's always dirty though.

Since getting the car I've replaced one of the front inner wheel wells and the full lower front spoiler that everyone complains about scraping all the time.
I've added those really cool mud flaps and really want to do the flat black vinyl wrap...but, my wife says no. :nono: She likes it shiny but, we'll see in time.

When I bought this there was a 2006 black convertible there right beside it...and while I've never been drawn to convertibles personally, my wife kept nudging me to get that one instead. Don't get me wrong, they're uber cool...but not 'my' thing. Or so I thought....because the top is down on this one whenever it's not raining and it's becoming a bit of a drag to pop it in and out of the trunk. :rofl: I know...small nit pick at best but I was not expecting to enjoy the 'top off' on this thing as much as I have been.
In retrospect I should have gotten the convertible...but don't want to part with my baby now either.

I get about 480- 500 KMS per full tank, and always use Premium of course. :)
If I'm using the timer right, then I get about 12 hours of driving out of a full tank.
Again, this is my daily driver and I was expecting it to be far worse on gas...and it's actually not bad at all.

Things I don't like...
I don't like not having stereo or other feature controls on the steering wheel.
Reaching the stereo while driving is not exactly something I find easily done...but I am considering upgrading the entire stereo to something that accepts our current and new tech...and maybe a steering wheel with some control functions, assuming that's even doable.

I've got run flats on it, with plenty of tread...but when it's time to change them I really do want something with more meat on them, especially for the back. I love the beefy look that big/thick/wide tires give to these cars but am in no hurry with that. In time the tires will need changing and that's when I'll figure out the new 'bigger' ones.

That's it. Everything else continues to be nothing but a joy.

At first I wanted the silver rims painted mat I'm digging them as is. Same with getting tinted windows...I want - and don't want to do that. Not sure anymore...:confused:

So...that's it for now. :canada:

All and all, I find this car to be a 10/10 riding experience and I really do love every second of driving it.

Cheers everyone!

Good morning David,

What a terrific story! While in the past I always looked at cars and trucks as a tool and conveyance, the C6 Z06 totally changed that for me. The experience from April to October 2012 exceeded my expectations and now I am within hours of going to Edmonton to collect the car after it spent the winter with the crew at Dasilva Motorsports and they took the car from 448 rwhp to 744 rwhp. I went down at the end of April to spend four days with the car and what I find amazing is not the power teh car now produces but how the build did not alter the docile nature of the car if the throttle is shown respect. It is still a terrific cruiser for hitting the streets, going to my used book stores etc. But if I push the foot down.........I hope I am always pointed in the direction I want to go because I am there like RIGHT NOW!

Manny mounted some Nitto Evos in place of my OEM run flats so I hope to discover how much better they are, 1 cm wider rears than stock too I believe........

Enjoy your C6 experience, we are the most lucky of people to have the opportunity to own these cars.


After 14+ months and 8500 miles, our sentiments pretty well echo those of David. Being silver, Our car doesn't show the dust nearly as much. As much power as any of the old musclecars we have ever owned and triple the gas mileage, what's not to like. While the front air foil is pretty low, you soon learn where you can and can't go. The only way I would ever go back to one of the old musclecars would be if I could take the LS engine, six speed and the air conditioning. Getting a little soft in my old age. ;) I'm not surprised that the LS engine swaps are becoming so popular.
Good write-up David.

As a fellow black C6 owner, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. I steered away from the run-flats and now have 315 in the rear--beefy is an understatement. I too love the sound and look if this car ; however, the vert is not of the things I also may regret not going with. C6 vettes are one of the few vets I really like, as the backside doesn't appear to ride as high as on other verts.

Your comment on seats is spot-on as well. I may go for some seat covers me at soon as well. We will see........

I think it's time for a drive!
Hey David .. Great to hear that you're enjoying your car so much. I'm enjoying mine getting in it and just .... "going " :)

Funny you mention the audio controls on the wheel . I have that on both my cars, and never use it .. :) Different strokes I guess eh ?

Hope we cross paths soon , we'll chat ! :canada:
Hi David;
I like your story. Like you I also had to hunt to "Find" the right seating. But once you get it, it's joy to drive. I'm a daily driver, and the 'Vette gets a lot of attention and compliments.
I have to pinch myself as I've only had her 3 weeks now.
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