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Oct 3, 2014
London, ON
I'm close to pulling the trigger for a Tremec TKO600 5-speed for my 66 BB roadster and would like to hear anyone's opinions and comparison between the 5-speed kits supplied by Silver Sport Transmissions (TN) and Hurst Driveline Conversions (CA). From what I can tell they both provide a near identical package at close to the same package price with really the only difference being their off-set shifter setup so the shifter fits a C2 tunnel hole properly.

Does anyone have any comparative experience between the Silver Sport "Perfect Fit" mechanism and the Hurst "Sidewinder II" mechanism? Has anyone with either of these setups had any problems with shifting? Is one design better (ie: smoother) than the other in your opinion?

I'm really looking for comments from users here who have experience with either of these 5-speed conversions in a C2. It's close to a $4k purchase so if one design is preferred over the other, I'd like to hear about that. Thanks in advance. Bill
Ya thanks Keith. I had spent an hour with my friend Google looking at TKO600 issues but they all seemed to be 3-4 years ago and really couldn't find any current problems. So I must assume Tremec might have fixed the 2nd-3rd shift issue.

So it really comes down to who has the better? off-set mechanism, or do they both work equally well. The customer service at both companies is excellent from what I'm reading and from my limited personal experience in getting prices and questions answered. Cheers, Bill
This note from the friend with the LGT-700 in his 1970 496 Chevelle, not the 600 as I had thought.

With the TKO models you have to change the tunnel for them to fit. I went with the LGT-700. Perfect fit and easy to install. I'm really happy with mine. Shifts great, gives great gas mileage and great service from LGT.
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