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Apr 23, 2012
Good evening all.

Noticed today the amount of water dripping from my engine. It was hot and muggy today..........

When I got to the destination, I saw a drip-trail from my car to where it was parked. Sort of like the last 15 feet before parking, there was a drip trail. Being the good owner I am, I checked to make sure it was only water--and it was, so that was a relief.

I then looked under the car right after shutting it off and getting out. A tiny puddle had formed, and it was dripping every couple seconds. Is this normal? I am used to seeing water from condensers, but it seems like a lot to me. Anything else I should be watching out for?

Tanks for your input.

I will double-check that it's water. It was clear, odourless, and looked to be be water in a quick check, but a good point for sure.

Oddly enough, the radiator took a stone in my Altima. I need a new condenser and a new radiator--an expensive fix to say the least. All the freon leaked out, and my AC was blowing nothing but hot air throughout the dog days of summer. Where does yours leak from? or does the water simply tricks down to the lowest point of the engine bay before falling off?
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