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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
I though I would start a thread for posting a picture of you and your vette. It would be nice to put a face to all of us here . Now don't be shy.

I will start with a picture that was taken a few years ago ;


have not had mine long enough to have taken pics yet! Sorry! The wheels on your car are beautiful Manny!!!:p
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Those were the first set I purchased, I now have the CCW T10's

Did you sell them off already?
irmao, here's the way, couldn't wait any longer, so got my car back on the road on friday....and having a blast driving it, as long as the weather allows me to...but one thing is for sure, factory exhaust doesn't do it for me i really have to get something, so keep me in mind for that exhaust, used or good deal on a new one... if anybody knows of anyone selling one let me know, thx.
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Appearently I love my car too much to foul a nice picture with an ugly me. All my pics are of just the car. I'll have to get some this summer.:)

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