Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
Don't know how . But it would be nice to have a special club for get togethers etc. for the lower west coast and up the Fraser Valley for events of any type for vette owners, drivers and their other halves, spouses etc.
Of course now that the rainy season has started and most cars are in hibernation, a lot of thought could go into this project from now till spring if anyone is interested enough seriously.
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There are 3 local Corvette clubs that do just what you ask,

Riverside Corvette Club....
Part of the Canada Council Of Corvette Clubs in Western Canada.

BC Corvette Club

Fraser Valley Corvette Club..

I suggest you check out each club's website and attend one/two of their meetings and decide which one suits your needs.
We all play together at the different events and cruises thruout Western Canada and the US.
Local cruises, car shows, concours, slaloms, dinners, BBQ, parties....etc.
We also do car repairs, restorations, modifications, etc.
PM me if you have any questions.

graham pres Riverside Corvette Club...
Hi Riley... Great idea.
I know members in all the clubs.
I will make them aware of this site.

Awesome! Thanks Graham. I hope as I learn the ins and outs of vBullitin that I can make an area for club members on here so they can discuss relevant information with each other hopefully making the forum more user friendly as time goes on.
looking for info on the fraser valley corvette club, can't seem to find anything on the web

hi Ron .
They do not have a webpage as they are not ‘officially’ a Club,
but they are a great group
They have a FaceBook page.
I’m not sure any of them are on here.
Send me a PM and I can hook you up.

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