That's not good when it's reduction starts affecting roller camshafts! :eek:
We have an old '87 S-10 Chevy truck that will not die. When it was last tested with close to 240,000 km on it, the truck passed emisssions testing with flying colours. it still had the original converter. The test guy said that these trucks were amongst the worst for failing emissions tests for various reasons. The converter was obviously doing its job after all these miles and hadn't been polluted.
While flat tappet camshafts and lifters have been hardest hit, what do you think is going on between the roller and the trunnion in a roller lifter? They get the same valve train loading as the old lifters but on the much smaller surface area of the little trunnion. I'm no expert, so I am just asking. I'll take my chances with continuing to add EOS at each oil change just for my own peace of mind. It hasn't caused any problems with the emissions equipment on our vehicles yet.
Valvoline VR1, never have to add anything else. See guys every summer wiping cams because they insist on putting conventional dino oil in their 30+ year old engines.
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