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Aug 5, 2011
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As promised here's a few of my recent mods on the C4 .. They relatively modest but I feel quite effective.
Steamer will relate to some of them since we both saw some of these mods on one of our western friend's C4 in Comox last month. (Warren's black C4) (PapaJoe who just joined us).

I loved the raised red CORVETTE lettering that Papa Joe had and I had to have them too. He also had a throttle plate that I like but wasn't available any more and I settled for this one in red with the C4 and chev logo embossed in it. -- Both items came courtesy of Corvette Central.

That C4 engine Bay puts the one in my C6 to shame!

Beauty Colin! You'v inspired me to ask my friends here what they do to detail their engine bay........
That C4 engine Bay puts the one in my C6 to shame!

Beauty Colin! You'v inspired me to ask my friends here what they do to detail their engine bay........

Thanks guys -- Vince, this one was easy to clean up -- First of all Steamer had at it b4 I even got out to it on the Island. He spruced it up while car sitting for me. Secondly it wasn't driven much and not driven in bad weather. So underhood was quite good to start with.

A little Armour All and elbow grease was all it took for a showroom shine.
I'd still like to get the metalwork a bit brighter but all in all I'm quite pleased.

As to whether the S/Charger will happen -- well we'll see. Possibly some time down the road.

Great to share with guys who appreciate the work and the fun.

I have a little secret for a very clean engine bay. 2 items are all it takes. 1st one is a good old fashioned can of brake cleaner. I spray it on the entire engine(except of course the plugs and distributor) no wiping. It evaporates off in 30 seconds. yhe metal will sparkle and all of the grease falls off.
2nd Is a can of armour all or simonize tire foam. I spray it on anything black(rubber/plastic) under the hood. Not only does it make it look brand new it actually keeps the plastic from drying out and cracking. it takes 5 minutes or so and it runs off. no wiping or elbow grease at all. Give those 2 things a try and let me know how you make out. I will upload a pic of mine tomorrow.
Here are some pics. As you can see, I am in need of a valve cover emblem.



You know, I was looking at the pictures again and man, that car looks brand new!!! All I have to say is wow!

Thanks Riley -- yes I'm lucky to have come across such a great car -- thanks to Steamer for sure.....It is all but brand new and not driven in bad weather and not even in the rain as far as we can see.
With only 34k kilometers on it when I got it -- it was barely broken in ... Which Steamer and I finished doing on the way to Ontario last month. :D She performed flawlessly and is a real nice ride.

I didn't take much sprucing up to make it look great really. A little touch here and there, tighten up a few bolts and she was ready for action.
I very nice acquisition indeed, and one which I'm proud to drive and show off.

I've wanted another vert for a long it's a reality and I'm very pleased it's a 'vette.

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