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Oct 30, 2013
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The weather the last couple of weeks has just been stunning. I headed off to Washago, Ontario where the CN mainline goes though. I managed to take a couple of pictures of my favourite things. My buddy steamer knows how much time you can waste hanging around the tracks. :rofl:


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Murray, you bet you can waste a lot of time beside any railway tracks. Milton 30 is one of my favorites and I'll be doing that one again next year and I hope you might be able to make it down for a day. Great shot at Washago, been there racing Ski Doo's but never train watching. My favorite thing is still chasing steam and here's one from the Alberni Pacific

When I was biking to work, I came across this train sitting and idling on the tracks. No one around, thought of you guys so I took a couple pics. Four days later, the train was still sitting on the track not moving and just idling away. I met up with my step sisters boyfriend a few days later and asked him if he knew about the train as he's a mechanic for CN. Apparently the traction motors were gone and needed to be replaced.

I don't know squat about trains but have always been in awe of the power when I see a line of a hundred cars behind those engines.... that being said, I could see a dual purpose corvette road trip for the train and the steam lovers among you... Not very far east of Red Deer, on the old Alberta Central Rail line, we have a 1920 steam powered train that does scheduled excursion trips on the old ACR line all summer... they last about 6 hours I think, including dinners, entertainment on board, stage shows, murder mysteries, and an outlaw raiding party with guns a blazing that hold up the train along the way....... To be honest, I have never been but everyone I have talked to loved it... It departs and returns out of Stettler, Alberta which is only 40 minutes from Red Deer and 30 minutes from Ponoka where it just so happened there is also the infamous Ponoka Meet and Greet in May..... just sayin'........

But.... just in case, look up the site....

Now that is just way too cool Rruuf Day. I'm old enough to remember the trains on the Island of Newfoundland. We used to have a special that ran on the May 24th weekend. It stopped at all the fishing holes along the Argentia line and drop off people going trouting and pick them up on the return. The return was usually a big party inall the cars. It was sad time to see all the tracks torn up.
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I'm ashamed to say I've never been to NL 12cents, which is sad as I'm a displaced Maritimer from NS. I have many friends from NL and still have a visit to the 'rock' on my bucket list... I'm a member of the Dawson City sour toe club and will not rest until I've been 'Screeched in' an kissed the cod... As much as I love Alberta, there are many things I still miss from the East Coast...
Eric and 12cents some interesting railway stories. Great read. If find it fascinating that governments and railways ripped up all the tracks and now governments especially are trying to find ways to move people around and there are no tracks left in urban areas anymore. Well I suppose there are bike and hike paths and that is good.
Wash-ago, AKA 'Sleepyhollow'?
You can visit the station, but I have to put up with the damn train horns all day....and night! :Wideyed:
My cottage is just up the road. :Biggrin:
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