Bearly Flying (Don) said he would be happy to help me install my NPP mufflers. I gave him a call last week and took a trip to Ponoka to meet up with Don. Don your hospitality was top notch. We loaded my car up on the hoist and then it was coffee and conversation. Lot's of RC planes on the roof of the garage to discuss as well as his 3 vettes. Don texted Somebuddy (Bruce) and he showed up to be the supervisor! Run the vacuum line and more coffee. This pulling wrenches is tough stuff! We had to rush as I realized I was going to be late to pickup the Missus from work and did not get to finish running the wiring.
I do have it all installed now and very happy with the result. Don thanks so much and when you need a hand with anything just let me know.

:canada:Thank you.:canada:
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