Aug 24, 2010
1985 Base C4
Figured now is a good time to get my first post out of the way :) and possibly make a thread worth following hopefully.

I headed down to Toronto Motorsports Park this Friday to get a baseline time on my 85 vette. I'm happy with the results considering I did nothing to optimize the car for drag and didn't really do any fancy launches.

Best time and mph 13.913 @ 98.47mph

Mod List
-lowered all around
-slp cold air intake
-hedmen long tube headers
-egr delete pulley
-maf screen removal
-spare tire delete
-2.5" true duel ghetto exhaust with cats and borla mufflers. (no mandrel bends)
-17x9.5 295s front and 17x9.5 285s rear

I figure I'll update this thread as I continue to make mods and record my results as the season progresses.

Congrats NoSkillz and welcome to CCF......We'd love to hear about your progress in the 1/4.....
You're off to a great start.

Post up pics of the '85 too -- we'd love to see it.

I'm not far across town on the west side of Galt. We occasionally go to Puslinch lake for a meal.

This Fridays weather isn't looking to promising but mods on order are Z51 lower front lip, and light weight battery probably arriving by next friday.

1. I'm expecting to save 25 pounds on the battery by switching to an odyssey light weight battery from the current optima redtop. I'll probably leave my emergency tool bag at home to save an additional 25 pounds. total -50lbs

2. I Don't expect much difference from the front lip if any. I'll probably increase the tire pressures considering I had no issues with traction.

3. Finally I'll see if removing the license plate has any effect as well. (popular myth)

These are relatively cheap easy mods that I want to get out of the way. Slowly I'll work my way up to more expensive mods including my super ram intake that I have collecting dust in the basement.

Shitty cell pic... I'll take better ones when the front lip arrives
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Some minor progress but I should mention that I'm building this car into a weekend lapping car so hopefully you get a better understanding to the reasoning behind some of the mods and that its not specific to the 1/4 mile.

I ordered a Z51 front lip that has yet to ship from Vette Parts Plus, so hopefully that shows up this year.
However the battery arrived on time

I started out comparing light weight battery manufacturers specifically between Braille and Odyssey, the bigger brand being Braille. With Braille they offered more exotic designs with carbon fiber cases and larger product ranges, however far more expensive and difficult to source in Canada. Odyssey offered an excellent alternative simpler in design, price, and with a slight compromise on Cold Cranking Amps which didn't really apply so it was a perfect choice. I picked up a PC545 off Ebay for about $150.


The battery weighed in at 11.5 pounds compared to my Optima Redtop that weighed in at 40lbs. After install a total weight savings of 27lbs.


The install didn't require much modification. I removed the insulation and fasteners on the stock battery ring terminals and used the bolts included with the battery with a washer to fasten it to the battery. I then bent an aluminum bracket into a top hat shape which was bolted down on the wheel side and then used the original battery bolt and retainer to clamp down on the other side. The mount is extremely solid and when I try moving it I'm really just shaking the entire car.



And it provides more then enough juice to start that car easily if that thought crossed your mind :p
Motorcycle battery in your car? Are you crazy? What are you going to do next? Remove two tires?:D

HA! Just kidding. That is quite a bit of weight saved on the battery, I am impressed and 545 CA for a 5 second burst? I think I only use my battery one second at a time! That is wicked! I'm looking forward to the progress!

Ah, if money was no object, I would see if I could get a set of these wheels for my car: MotorworldHype — Weds Sport Carbon Fiber Wheel

At only 6.1 lb per wheel (doesn't say diameter), that would shave at least 56 pounds off the unsprung rotating mass on the car! Too bad they're $12K for a set and I don't know if they even make them anymore or what they fit. Just fun to dream.
Ah, if money was no object, I would see if I could get a set of these wheels for my car: MotorworldHype — Weds Sport Carbon Fiber Wheel

those wheels are crazy!

I don't have any real budget for this build but I'm trying to do the most with the least if that makes any sense. I should have some time this weekend to perform some more mods and order a few new things. I'll see if I can find some more easy weight savings this weekend as well.

And hopefully more testing. I did do some runs last week with less fuel and plate removed. I never managed to get a good launch (track sucked) but my trap speeds where consistently better.
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