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Jan 3, 2014
windsor ontario
Hi there I have a 1984 corvette that was running great untill the end of summer. I was driving it and accelerating to catch up with traffic and the engine just started reving but she wasn't moving when I stopped then gave her gas again she started moving verry slow under hi rpm. I took the oil pan off the tranny and replaced the filter and put new oil in it but it didn't help.there was no shavings when I took the pan off. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks.
Hi Mike -- welcome.

Is your vette an auto or manual trans?

Manual it could be clutch disk.

Auto could be trans bands/torque converter/fluid.

G/L with repairs.

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When you reinstall or adjust a TV cable, you must always make sure it isn’t too far out of adjustment, especially on the loose side. Otherwise, it will trigger a safety feature inside the transmission that will spike line pressure as to slip the clutch, which could ultimately damage the clutch packs due to the insufficient line pressure rise. This condition normally occurs if the TV cable becomes disconnected from the carburetor or throttle body.

Unfortunately, the TV cable is usually attached to the throttle body or carburetor with a clip-on plastic fastener, and overtime, the underhood heat from the engine will degrade the fastener, causing it to break. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone since they are sometimes fitted with a metal unit. In the event that the TV cable should ever fail, you can still pick up a replacement from the dealership or an aftermarket parts source.
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