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Feb 5, 2009
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Our lastest arrival from Montreal :canada:

Early start to a Friday , but hey we love it :D
This is Bruce's GS from Montreal that we did the ECS kit on this past summer making 750 RWHP

After running 10.2's all summer , the car is back for a fully forged Dasilva Motorsports LS3 to get into the 9's . We will also be rebuilding the trans in house , with some rock solid hardware , LG Drag spindles and a new Drag set-up via Weld drag lights . The diff will be treated some beefier shafts as well .

The FASTEST CARS are built right here @ Dasilva Motorsports .
You're right about that Wayne. Even specialty stuff like Thunderbolt Fairlanes and ZL1 Camaros would be out of their league today. From 1920 to 1970 things advanced a lot and from 1970 'til now, things have advanced a lot again. It's just the way things go. I wonder if there is anyone out there dumb enough to let me drive their 750 hp car....just once. :) Not likely. :(
That is wild Manny, I still dream about that Supercharger but seems by the time I get there it's going to be old news. I think my vette is already incredible, I just couldn't imagine what it is like to drive something with 750hp,,,

Keith, when you get that person letting you drive their 750hp car, let me know and I would love to be the passenger :)
A friend has a supercharged C5 but even he hasn't offered it to me to drive. Perhaps he knows me too well. With my luck, I'd break something and have to pay for repairs. Still, I might just put the bug in his ear. ;)
It is street legal and as safe as the driver is. The gas pedal is not an on/off switch. I drive my car daily and unless I choose otherwise it is as docile and safe as it was when stock.
Of course, if you abuse the power at the wrong times, it can become very dangerous.
Silly question but is it safe or even street legal to have all that power ? I am not complaining, just wondering. Thanks for any answers.

Safe yes , as long as its built properly .

Legal , yes . There is no law saying how much horsepower you can have .
Lots of 1000+ cars running around . No of the parts used to build these cars are illegal . Only NOS is a problem on the street .

Hope that helps
According to Saskatchewan:

Section 29-(8) (b) of The
Vehicle Administration

The nitrous oxide system must be sealed
and vented to the exterior of the vehicle.
The vent must be located at a point that
is higher than the nitrous oxide
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