Jr. Corvette
Jan 1, 2014
Calgary AB
77 Corvette L82
Hey Guys! I'm sixteen and have had my corvette for a year now. It's a 77 corvette L82. It's fairly rare number 2396 out of 49000. Anyway been restoring it inside and out. Doing the motor and the interior and painting the chasis. So I resently decided to restore my steering colum doing the wheel and the (red) colum and got past the lock plate and don't know where to go from here I took off the screws on this white thing and disconnected the wires going to it. I really need help trying to figure out what to do next in order to remove the housing. Thx.
Welcome Jr. -- I moved your thread to the C3 forum for better exposure.
There are some really knowledgeable C3 owners here who I'm sure know what you need and won't mind helping out.

We'd love to hear more about you and to see some pics when you get a chance to share.

Once again welcome to CCF forums and Happy New Year.

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Great find Doug! Where did you get that?

Welcome to the forum Jr. Sounds like a nice car you have there.
Hey Jr. welcome. Go to eBay and source yourself the AIM (assembly instruction manual) and GM service manual for your particular year. These two are invaluable if you plan on working on your car; since they show how the car was assembled at the factory, and how the mechanics worked on them at the dealership when new. Not too expensive (around $20-25 each). They'll show you how to take apart and put back together the entire car. Of course there's lots of very knowledgeable people here also, but studying these manuals will make ownership all the more enjoyable.

P.S. If you can find one online, get an owner's manual also....if your car doesn't have the original anymore.
Our sponsor Corvette Central has all of the above available on their website. I have all three and they have more than paid for themselves.
Hey Guys. Just an update. After 15 rebuilds from the horn going when turning a corner (man my face was red), I've finished it!! I also rebuilt the front suspension and got all the parts power coated. Also doing some major work that wouldn't have been made possible with the knowledgable people on this site! Thank you so much.


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