Aug 21, 2014
Sherwood Park
1972 Corvette Coupe
Hi everyone, just purchased this car. It needs a lot of repair work to bring it back to good condition (mostly suspension components to start with). Its all original which is great. Only 50,000 miles and runs and drives very nicely.
The horn button doesn't work, but can short it with a screwdriver and it works. I looks like the button and the retainer it snaps into are bent somewhat as it sits crooked and doesn't push in at all, its tight on one side against the steering column.
Has anyone repaired one of these or know if buying new parts is the way to go; if available.


Took the horn apart and with it off I could straighten the snap on connectors enough to get it to function properly, now letting it soak in rust remover. I will re-install today and if it doesn't work then new parts will be the answer.
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