May 29, 2019
looking for valuation ± after header / fuel injection added: 63 340hp #'s match block
looking for valuation ± after header / fuel injection added: 63 340hp #'s match blockView attachment 96154View attachment 96155
If you are talking the value of the car after adding those items, I would think it would be slightly longer original IMO
Appreciate your input O.Y. Your opinion would still stand even though the manifold and carb tag along if/when selling??

Vehicle design is timeless, no question it's there, no fiddling req'd but some performance expectation should accompany, to an extent, 60yrs post build. Are the next gen. of buyers looking for tasteful strategic improvements. My objective is not to sacrifice a down draft weber system, but a single 4brl. for an injection system. This are my thoughts, but theory and practice vary.

This form is my first stop rather than re-inventing the wheel..
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At the end of the day, if you are keeping the car long term, do what makes you enjoy it more. As PaulC7 says, keep all of your original parts. If you are really interested in the value of the car, and what will affect the it's value, contact an appraiser. They are a wealth of knowledge about vehicle values and the car market in general.

That's my 12 cents.
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