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Mar 1, 2009
Prince George BC
I am looking to get a pair of 6 pt harnesses and my first thought is the two subs with a single connect to the camlock. This is in order to use the stock seats without punching holes in it. In this fashion, I could sit on the sub belts and they would be attached to the same points as the lap belts. ( rear bolts on seat mounts.) I am getting mixed messages as some of these sub belts are attached to the lapbelt connectors. One business states that this is the safer method. I see on various websites they all difer. Scroth now uses the lapbelt connectors whereas they used to use the rear mounts.

Anyone have any experience with this? I have only used the 5 pt harnesses previously and of course the sub was not attached correctly. ( over the front lip of the seat to a bar between the two front mount bolts)

Appreciate any info

fyi, keep in mind 5 and 6 point belts are not street legal, must retain the original belts in conjunction with, been there, done that with the MOT. Race belts are certified and date punched for 24 months only
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