I like the car which could have been my 2nd choice when I bought mine 03 50th.
I wished I could have bought 1 in 1993 but I was in the middle of child raising costs.
Having said that, this car is not appealing because of the mods on it.
The price does not scare me, its like a new car
I want a bone stock unit when I buy cars and trucks.
Thats my opinion and my money.
I'm with you Dan. We wanted a bone stock car as well when we bought. Been there and done that with the Chevelles back in the day, headers, fancy rims, big tires. I'm just an old fart now that likes to light the tires a bit once in a while then just enjoy the ride. Silver, six speed and decent power was all we were looking for at the time. If GM claims that an '05 C6 will do 186 mph, given enough distance, without a spoiler, then I don't think I need on at the speeds I will be going.
Seriously.....WAY overpriced. Fussy owner? WTF is with the Lakepipes AND the aftermarket exhaust (my guess, as the LT tips look odd fitting). As for the spoiler, meh, there were several people that like that stuff. Car is nice, but for that price, give me an original ZR1 with that kind of mileage.
always liked the side exhaust treatment on those years but not if they are dummies, the rear exhaust has to go...and you are right about bone stock being much better on that car, won't even comment on the spoiler! :nono:
Looks like a 40th with parts from a Greenwood aero package. At least this one looks tastefully done compared to other Greenwoods out there.

If he's asking mid 20's, then he's probably looking to get about $20k for the car, which I don't think is too high. Gives him some bargaining space. I've seen some C4's in the mid teens and they are crap.

If that's anyone here, very nice car. GLWS. :seeya:
Looks like a decent car .Although I'm not a fan of tacked on body parts; some look ok.but srart drilling holes for spoilers and such is where I draw the line.to each his ownI guess.Ken
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