Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
well i guess people that voted liberal have very short memories. when they start to complain about scandals and rising hydro rates they should keep in mind who they returned to power. hopefully some of the officials will be arrested and charged next week, at least then a few of them could be turfed. looks like once again we rural folks get a shafting courtesy the GTA.
Just wait--this will look like sunshine and puppy dogs compared to the next liberal guy to get in office. Ontario's infatuation with JT is mystifying.
On the practical side we in Ontario need to be doing whatever is possible to reduce power consumption. You have not seen anything yet like the rates you are going to paying. Yes I know consumption goes down transmission rates go up keeping the flow of cash balanced to be distributed to those in need at the top of Hydro.

I worry about rural Ontario. We are in serious trouble. We have no representation because Liberal values don't ring with the majority here. GTA runs the show and that is the way it is.
I was under the mistaken impression that this was a site for corvette discussions, not politics! Having said that, isn't that how democracy is supposed to work? p.s. I live in rural Ontario too.
Ya but it can't be worse than here in the States .Canadians still show some signs of being civilized .

mebbe so steve, but i find it mind boggling that a gov't that is under investigation for AND has admitted to corruption can be re-elected with a majority. it was the huge political machines in toronto and ottawa that gave us this provincial liberal landslide. rural areas overwhelmingly voted against them.
We never get much on Canadian news / politics .I really try to learn as much as possible about my neighbor to the North ,I find it very interesting .When I'm in Canada all I hear is US news and a little bit of Canadian .

I bet most students up there know who our president is and which states are which etc .If I went to a local high school and asked name one prime minister present or past .name one Canadian province less than 1% could give me an answer.:confused:
What I decided to do Doug (thanks Al) is to read the Canadian news a couple times a week on the internet .Bingo, article #1 was naked cyclist in Toronto .:D
If I may derail this a bit. Just spent five days in Oregon and Washington State. And there a lady that just started her life all over again from scratch told me why. And this happens to many in the USA. She had a broken neck just a few years back, her hospital bills came to $500.000. She and her hubby had to declare bankruptcy and now are as stated are starting all over again working at a hotel. They are both just in their 40's. We should be glad we live here and have all the perks we do have. Again sorry to derail this thread.
We in B.C. also are going to have to pay an increase of 25% in Hydro over the next five years.
I thought given the title of the thread you guys were talking about my marriage!!

Be thankful you don't live in a province where they just simply re-elect the same party for 40 years before switching................


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