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Dec 31, 2009
Ponoka, Alberta
2001 C5

We have decided on May 23rd for the Annual Meet and Greet in Ponoka. (Ignore Date in Picture)

See Post #42 on Page 5 for Details.

Bring your S.O. and some lawn chairs to enjoy the company of Fellow Vette Owners.

(other cars are Welcome too. But may be teased..... lol:rofl:)

More details will follow as Time gets closer.

Hope to see You Here...
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Don't think I will be in BC that early in the season ( not jet ski weather yet ) ..... will see if I can make it.

I had a wedding the last one.... nothing this time!

s**t, I left my lawn chair last event.... I shouldn't have moved it behind other cars down the line haha :(

Will try get a few Edm guys out there.

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In the Calender! Looking forward to getting a few more people out from Red Deer!
Nascar03; Any car you want to show up with is fine. If it is a Ford Product expect to be teased, doesn't mean Ford is any less than Our Vette's, but really......
no Fords here but they could still be sanding/salting the roads so I'm not sure what car to bring..
I'm in Summerland right now and I lost the windshield of the DD(Pontiac) on the way up a the Coquihala few days ago....big crack.. aurghh!

I'd love to meet-up so I'll work on my schedule...
Hey Jeff the weekend before is Mothers day and we really wanted to keep it in May but not to early as the weather mucked us up last year early May. Hope you and your wife can make it again!!
May 17th??

The middle of seeding time??

While the Gods might take pity on me I can't think of a year I'fe ever been done that early. However I just acquired a 2nd airdrill for this spring and depending on how I do with finding another operator things could move faster. But then I would be looking to do some custom seeding if I could which can be shocklngly good on the pocketbook..............

But always there in spirit if not!


I believe the long weekend is the May 24th weekend.
Garry seeding around here begins May 1st til 2nd week of June at which time spraying starts...........Hope it works that you can make it.
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