High RPM Poster
Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Just signed up for 3 days (2 days on track for 4 hours each night and 2 hours classroom time) track course at Calgary Race City.

Starts June 19. Can't wait.

Contact Jay Pringle at Track Techniques (google) if you are also interested.

After this, you are able to book one of the regular track lapping nights any time you like.

I'm pumped :)
i figured that it was actually cheaper than a speeding ticket or two. I believe there should really be more resources available for people to do this kind of thing.
Done the course, instructing this upcoming monday. Its the best $/time you will have ever spend on the car.

Next you will want to get pads and proper fluid. Does your clutch ever stick to the floor after hard driving? Happened to me, get some real fluid flushed through there. High wet boiling point. Ok, maybe some of that is for advanced users, but get ready to spend $....
What brake and clutch fluids are suitable???

I'm not worried about brakes and the rest right now... All replaced. :) and ready to go. I talked to Jay and be honest he said that we don't really push the cars that hard during the course itself so I'd like to change the clutch fluid as a precaution.
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