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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
The 28th Brian Harms Memorial Race in Grande Prairie was yesterday. I ran in the 8 km category. I finished 1st of 6 in my division, 9th of 114 runner overall and had a personal best pace of 4:47!! My previous best was a 4:59 I set 6 years ago so I'd almost given up hope I'd ever do it again. More training this year seems to have paid off.

I didn't take any video or pictures during the race but some before and after:

Brian Harms Race Grande Prairie May 11th 2014 - YouTube

The weather was fantastic, it was great to see some of my old grunning group, Jessica, Laverna, Lori, Bruce were all there, sort of like old school week.

Next race on the 24th and I'll be in the 10 km category.

I took the Z06 with me and it ran well. I find it odd but since the fuel pump failure last fall it is having to regain my trust again. I've become hyper-sensitive to every little imagined miss or sputter that I think I hear, expecting it is going to fail again. I'm imagining that I'm smelling burnt wiring harness all the time it seems. I hope to get past all of this with more seat time.

Still no seeding yet but started spraying and if parts for the tractor arrive should start seeding this week - much later than normal!


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