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2009 Base 1LT

Looking at the vehicle building software we use, that option is not available at this time. It might come back in the future. Instead, there is the following options:

5VMLPO, Visible Carbon Fibre Ground Effects Genuine Corvette Accessory (Requires 5ZU, 5ZZ or Z51. Not available with STI.)

The required options 5ZU and 5ZZ are:

5ZULPO, High wing spoiler Genuine Corvette Accessory
5ZZLPO, High wing spoiler, Carbon Flash-painted Genuine Corvette Accessory

STI is still available.
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Are dealerships getting a separate allotment for the convertible or is it the same pool of allocations?
I haven't recieved official word on this yet. Historically, there has been no separating between convertibles and coupes with regards to allocation and ordering. If anything, there may be a constraint for convertibles, limiting the number that can be ordered at one time.
Do we know when GM will be picking up convertible orders? I think I heard January but not sure if that's true or not.
Thats what my dealership told me. January or February at the earliest.
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