Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
We made it out on our maiden voyage of 2015 with the Corvette. We met quite a few old cars and lots of motorcycles. We met a white C7 on the Dale road north of Port Hope. With the battery tender hooked up all winter, the car started and ran like it had been running five minutes before. An enjoyable start to the 2015 season.
Gee Riley, I knew you had the C5 and your wife a Pony but I never knew you had a 2nd GM...............I've never heard you speak of it before. What are the specifics?

Third trip yesterday, but a longer trip, to pick up my son at school. Kids there just love the Z06. With my love for all things yellow they actually call me "Banana Man", coul d be worse I guess.

Showering today so probably won't take the car this afternoon though........


Got the floor all laid, just have to put the door trim back on and fit the doors again. Might have to trim to bottoms a little. It's pretty handy have an attached garage and lots of equipment. Comes with being a do-it-yourselfer. ;) I don't mind the jobs but the old body is starting to rebel a little. :( Even with that, we managed to put a few miles on when the days were nice. Hey, today is nice.......... ;)
well gary, glad they aren't comparing you to "banana George" ......yet. lol
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