:D:D.....I actually got it off Facebook, some performance shop posted it

AAAAASOOOO --- not matter .. Nice to get these little bit and pieces b4 the actual release.

Keep 'em coming if and when they're found. I'm really hoping the C7 is a success for GM...... Success for corvette will bode well for us all.

I sure hope sales pick up soon. A plant can't be very financially sound selling fewer than 12K cars a year. When I retired in 2006 we were building 1335 trucks, on average, every DAY three shifts and overtime was frequent. 9-10 days of production would have built enough Corvettes for the whole year. That's being profitable. Up from 2011 sales 23% is kind of meaningless when they should be selling three times that many to be in the same ball park of a few years ago. We can always hope that our economies pick up and things get better. :)
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