Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
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The idea of us getting together and travelling to the AutoShow came up at our last Mudd Street outing. Due to Tony forgetting to do the minutes of the meeting (too busy buying his C7) I'm a day or two late with this.

Here are my thoughts, please chime in with your own. In order to keep this on topic if you wish to get involved with the colour of Tony's new car please start your own thread.

We could leave from the Aldershot Go station, it's easy to get to, free parking and never crowded, it's about a 1 hour trip to Toronto and then about a 10 minute walk to get to the Convention Centre.

If we meet around 10ish we can beat most of the crowds. I'm thinking Wednesday Feb 20th or Thurs 21st.

It would be great to meet other forum members there as well.

For anyone coming from the west you are more than welcome to park at my place in Ancaster and we can drive to the station together

Thoughts please:

The station is just off the 403 at Waterdown Rd.

Link to AutoShow
CIAS 2013 p

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I'm interested in meeting you guys there. Either day works for me (weather permitting). My wife is off the Thursday and may be interested in attending or if she's not then I know Brad (badlyworn) is off both those days and might want to go. I'm about 2 -2.5 hours from downtown Toronto so I could be there by 10:30 AM for the opening.

I,m in for either day Wayne; It would be nice to meet up with some of the others.....Kind of an east meets west. I would think meeting at Manny's display would be the way to go.
Leaving from Aldershot sounds like the best bet also......... Have you check the train schedules ?
Good info Wayne -- thanks composing and posting.

I've been talking to Terry about this and he'd love to go too. I'll ask whether Wed. or Thurs. is pref.
He usually goes with another group but would much prefer going with our group.

I,m in for either day Wayne; It would be nice to meet up with some of the others.....Kind of an east meets west. I would think meeting at Manny's display would be the way to go.

Brian if you are going alone I will join you at your place...
Due to our commitments at home Terry and I would prefer Wednesday Feb. 20 - if that suits others.

Any plans on buying tickets en-masse ahead of time via the internet or will everyone look after their own purchases?
I believe they are slightly cheaper online.

I went into the ticket link for the CIAS and found online tickets after Wednesday Jan.16 are $19.80 all in.
Tickets at the door are $22.00, so a little saving if purchased online.

Not sure if there is a discount for the "youth challenged" on the show tickets yet. It looks like there isn't.

Terry and I will be going to the Aldershot GO station that morning and going from there.
Due to our schedule, the 10:04AM train would be best for us. We can be flexible if needed but that time suits us best.

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I think that day/time should be fine Colin, looking forward to it. If anyone wants to park at my place and get a ride to the GO please let me know.

Great offer Wayne and thank you. Terry and I will park at the GO station at Aldershot to give us some freedom for coming back.

Lookin' forward to it too.

Cool .. That should be fine. Have you got any feedback on which day?
Is Wednesday the 20th. good for everyone and 10am ok?


I'll pencil that date in and let everyone know as it gets closer.

How come you guys back east can get together and have all the fun? Will be nice and polite and just say that way out west nothing is heard about anything like that for some of us vetters.
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