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Dec 20, 2009
2009 C6 coupe
Just came back From Markville Chev and what was sitting in the showroom, a 2010 Grandsport Convertible, in what looked like gun metal grey. The car looked amazing, however, the sticker price wasn't! The MSRP listed the GS at, are you bracing something, because you're going to need it - $104K. I recently saw a 2010 ZR1 for $103K CDN at a dealer here in Ontario.

I'm thinking, import a GS from the States, even with the slight decline in the loonie, and save yourself, probably $25K CDN easily.

But, despite it's price, I have to say the car looked hot!!!

Or, if you really want a Grandsport looking C6, perhaps a body kit, upgraded z06 brake kit and some killer looking wheels and you'd probably be a lot less then $104K. Just a thought. :D
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