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Dec 16, 2012
2002 Z06
We just finished off this 2010 Camaro, added some LG headers and customer wanted a cam that "chopped"-but drove nice and would work with his future plans of adding a blower to the car.

So we ground up one of our custom Stage 3 blower cams that have been taking the FI world by storm.

The cam has an nice signature cam sound but drives silky smooth-no bucking-no surging.


Should make some real good Jam with boost!

Nice bump in power Arun. I think I saw that car there today. Busy place you guys have!
Arun, would this be similar to the cam that I had in my Camaro SS, and am considering for my Vette?

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Very nice gains! I am impressed that it made 406 rwhp as a baseline. I would have expected around 370-380 hp as a starting point, however, that car really has some jam now!!!!

Actually Riley the 407 is what it made after the header install. We unfortunatley were so swamped we couldn't put it on the dyno to get a baseline. From the other LS3's I have seen 380-390 would of been the baseline.

Justin this is my Stage 3 blower cam-specs are 230/242 115. It's actually made for a blower so it's a bit of a later exhaust closing point and lower DCR than I would go N/A.

If I would of put in a one of N/A cams the car would of made 10 more horse and 10ft/bs of torque more.
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