I found a 2003 Anniversary 6 speed coupe with less than 500 mi and all looks new like it should but not sure of the value. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Any car is worth exactly what someone is willing to spend. A quick look around the web show the pricing on this vehicle to be anywhere between $20K and $30K....So it is all over the place. What really matters is if you are happy with the car and the price; who cares.

If it was me.....I would be wanting to know why the mileage is so low. 2003 should be showing a lot more than that in my opinion. Maybe the mileage was put on a 1/4 mile at a time? Was it wrecked and been rebuilt? Lots of questions..........

The reality is; like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Do your homework.......... lots of these car on the depressed market
Very true Brian. My immediate thought was that it was a 'collector', put away new, and not driven (much) but like you say: if it was raced, that mileage might be considered high (if it's the original engine which should also be determined:D)

To my mind the asking price is high enough on any of these babies to warrant a complete check from stem to stern by a good corvette mechanic. That way you're reasonably assured of a decent car or one which you know needs some repairs and well worth the couple hours labour. (of course Manny would be my choice)

The owner shouldn't be shy about supplying any history of the car too.
If he says it's good, he should be prepared to tell all about previous owners if any and the car's 'baggage'. I'd be concerned too about proper storage. Moisture can make a heck of a mess with electronics (and mechanicals for that matter).

If it proves itself and is buyable, then work out a fair price based on market value and condition/mileage/mechanic's report. :D

Good luck with the sale. Hope it works out for you -- if it does, can't wait to see it. Sounds like a beauty.

From what you say, it's a gem.

One thing for sure it's worth far less then the original owner paid .

All the above advice is valid --best wishes and good luck .
The low mileage C5`s seem to be coming out a lot lately which could be a factor of the economy and the speculators. Add in the fact that the climate in Canada, in some areas, allow for a short season, rarely driven cars are not that hard to find. I have 15,000 miles on my 02 convertible and enjoy it 6 months of the year.
Well 28 is not enough but I won't lose any sleep over it. I am not sure how he stored it or the gas used and the rest of the concerns. It was not close enough to his dream price he would even talk to me.
C^ Price

Back in the spring, our 13K mile 2005 was better priced than most yet we were the only call the owner got. I dare say that, if you want to sell any time soon, the selling price will be a few thousand lower than what you want. We didn't even look at modded cars and certainly not ones that had been raced. Then again, that's just us. If you are looking for a race car, then buying one already done properly will probably be a lot cheaper than doing one up. Here in Ontario, money is drying up. I dare say that you will be under $30K to move a 2005 and under $25k To move a C5 here. I was always a Chevelle guy and when I compare prices of Chevelles to C5 and C6 Corvettes, the Corvettes are a steal.
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