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Feb 11, 2009
richmond hill
2000 MN6 Coupe
Thought I'd share my latest and biggest mod, an A&A Supercharger with a
3.8" pulley...My goal was to maintain stock like drivablity with gobs of power available when desired....I enlisted the help of a very good friend to help with the install. (He ended up doing more than he bargained for lol) Maybe you can spot his "Nasty" mug in a few of the pics...

The build also included beefing up the stock valvetrain and a baby cam...
Parts list:
Comp cam 224/228 114 LSA
Yella Terra Rockers
Comp Molly Pushrods
TEA Dual Valve Springs
Kaytec Timing Chain
Summit SFI Pulley
Melling oil pump

A&A kit

Valvetrain components

What I started with...

Thats one "Nasty" looking helper!!

No turning back now....

Yella Terras in....

Beautiful Head Unit

Intercooler lurking below..

Rad neatly trimmed and Head Unit installed

Install Complete!!

Still needs some cleanup & detailing...

and here's what it sounds like with stock injectors and no tune!

I'd like to thank Manny for his dedication to getting the install just right and his numerous trips to my place..(although it cost me a fortune to feed him, and I think the food was the real reason he was so willing to come to Richmond Hill) I'm going absolutely crazy waiting for the spring to arrive so I can get the tune/dyno done and start enjoying it!!
Good point but that stocker clutch is for sure going to be at its limit. I would guess that if you don't drag launch it, the rear should hold together and take your time on the 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts :D

Great looking car. I like the yellow on the C5's. I didn't pick the colour of my car but if I could have, I would have gone yellow :)
Hey guys just a small note here . This is what I mean when I talk about making things stronger . This is a nice build with all the bits and peices that will help to keep this motor together and give Daniel many great years of driving.

Thx for the write Dan.:D and I take back the lazy comment :rofl:

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It sounds like you want to drive your car or something?:rofl:

It just so happens that I have a full day of driving booked for tomorrow.

Visiting... two friends, my brother, my cousin....

Also thought I'd drive my 16 year old nephew over to his girlfriends house for a party tomorrow afternoon just to be the "cool uncle". It will make his day.

Life is tough.
Awesome. I would be itching to drive that car too.

Last year I got to pick up my 7 year old niece from school. I went to the Principal's office to find out where her classroom was and all the Principal and teachers could say was, "Oh, You're the Uncle with the Corvette.". Hahaha, I guess she was telling everyone at the school that she was getting picked up in a Corvette.:rofl:

You will definitely be the cool Uncle.:coolgleam:
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